US Oil Sands will have the smallest land footprint of any commercial oil sands mining project. US Oil Sands' process eliminates the need for tailings ponds which make up a significant portion of the land disturbance at existing oil sand mining facilities. The extraction process also allows simultaneous mining and reclamation of the same plot of land, which means the land can be returned back to its natural state far sooner than would be possible with traditional oil sands projects. Depleted mine pits are refilled and re-contoured with the clean produced solids which have been tested and approved by Utah's Division of Water Quality for immediate replacement in the mined areas. This concurrent reclamation practice is a key component of US Oil Sands' environmental best practices and is a first in oil sands mining. It is estimated that US Oil Sands surface footprint will be 90-95% smaller than other projects (on a per barrel basis) and a smaller footprint means less impact on wildlife and the local ecology.